Safety Group 430 Distributes Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) Units


Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) Units

As a “thank you” and for appreciation of Safety Group 430 renewing members’ safety efforts, promoting health and safety; the Safety Group 430 Executive Committee is providing Automated External Defibrillator (AED) units.

Sudden cardiac arrest takes the lives of more than 350,000 people each year. A victim’s chances of survival can increase from nearly 0 to over 70% with a lifesaving AED unit and early bystander intervention. AEDs are safe and designed for use by “lay rescuers” with little formal safety training.

Safety Group 430 has partnered with the world’s largest AED distributor, AED Superstore, to provide a ZOLL AED wall mounting, signage, and one year of (required) medical direction and oversight services.

The AED unit(s), supplies, and storage cabinet(s) are all part of what dealers are receiving in the shipment. In addition there is assembly, setup and storage instructions, along with registration information. Safety Group 430 will also be inviting you to participate in webinars during the first two weeks in March to answer all questions you may have regarding the units’ proper use. A webinar registration form is included in the package as well.

For all dealers receiving their AEDs, the following are options to consider for various “levels” of training on how to use the AED in addition to the Webinars being offered if you would like to pursue additional training. (Please see the Webinar notice included in this issue for your reference.):

• Local Fire Departments offer training as part of their First Aid Course, which is a good way to get to know them and provide a donation if there is not a fee charged for this training,

• American Heart Association (REMO) also is done as part of their First Aid Training, certification is possible, as an option,

• American Red Cross, who also makes this part of their First Aid training that for a small additional charge to the cost of this training will provide a “card” for all who complete the training if you choose, and

• Safety Group 430 NYSADA Field Reps are now undergoing training that will allow them to educate your employees on the proper use of the AED’s. (Each Health & Safety Inspection will include this for all Safety Group 430 members.)


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