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NYSADA's 101st Convention and Business Meeting at the Lowes Portofino, Orlando Fl..
November 11th-15th

Board of Directors: Save the Meeting Date!

  • February 1-4 (Thurs.-Sun.) NADA Convention, Las Vegas, NV
  • February 2 (Fri.) NYSADA Director/TMDA Dinner, Del Frisco, Las Vegas
  • February 21 (Wed) Executive Committee, via Teleconference
  • March 18 (Mon.) New Director Orientation/Dinner, Renaissance Hotel, Albany, NY
  • March 19 (Tues.) Legislative Committee/Member-Legislator Appointments/Board of Directors (Renaissance Hotel, Albany, NY)
  • May 22 (Wed.) Executive Committee via Teleconference
  • June 27-28 (Thurs-Fri) Board of Directors and Nominating Committee (Garden City Hotel, NYC)
  • September 17-18 (Tues-Wed) Washington Conference, Capital Hilton, Wash DC
  • October 25 (Wed) Execttive Committee/Budget Committee via Teleconference
  • November 11-15 (Mon-Fri) NYSADA Convention, Lowes Portofino, Orlando
  • November 11 (Mon.) Board of Directors (Lowes Portofino, Orlando)
  • November 12 (Tues.) Annual Meeting (Lowes Portofino, Orlando)