Gold Club


Legislative Priorities

NYSADA’s Gold Club leads the way in promoting NYSADA’s interests in Albany. Every year, Gold Club members meet with key leaders in Albany, often in informal settings in which Gold Club members are able sit with those leaders and explain to them the many challenges faced by New York’s franchised dealers. Last years’ highlights included Gold Club members meeting with State Attorney General Letitia James, Senate Deputy Majority Leader Michael Gianaris, and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie. Gold Club members met with Governor Andrew Cuomo—and his entire leadership team—at the 2019 breakfast at the Executive Mansion. Many Gold Club members also met individually with members of the State Senate and Assembly throughout the State. The interaction Gold Club members have with our State’s leaders is invaluable in assuring that those leaders have some understanding of our industry.

2020 presented—and continues to present—unprecedented hurdles for NYSADA. Under emergency authority granted to the Governor by the Legislature in early March, the Governor has been ruling by decree since March 7th. This has made NYSADA’s positive relationship with the Governor’s office even more crucial. NYSADA’s success in having the State designate dealers as essential businesses and authorize appointmentonly sales—before other retailers in New York were able to operate—was driven in large part by the relationships built by Gold Club members.

Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic severely restricted the ability to meet with New York’s leaders in 2020. This does not limit the importance of NYSADA’s Gold Club. In fact, it amplifies the need for additional membership. 2020 demonstrated how strong relationships are critical.

2020-2021 Legislative Priorities We expect that the 2021 Legislative session will be largely held virtually. This makes the Gold Club even more important. Gold Club members each have an annual $300 to give them the opportunity to attend an event for your local Senator or Assemblymember. This may include hosting an event at your dealership to have your legislator tour your business. This may be the only opportunity for a face-to-face interaction in the year. Getting this facetime is more crucial than ever. Issues and points of view will be understood; more knowledge means better government.

In Albany, NYSADA must affirmatively advocate for legislation that addresses the needs of dealers. The Franchised Motor Vehicle Dealer Act is a testament to NYSADA’s ability to advocate on behalf of its members. NYSADA also must defend against legislation that would negatively affect its members. NYSADA must be constantly vigilant to the attacks on new car and truck dealers that rear themselves every legislative session. In 2021, as in past years, NYSADA will carefully review each introduced bill and voice opposition to any that would damage franchised dealers.

In addition to NYSADA’s ongoing lobbying efforts in the Senate and Assembly, NYSADA advocates for dealer interests with state agencies including the Departments of Motor Vehicles, Taxation, Transportation, Financial Services, Labor and Environmental Conservation and the Attorney General’s office. Whether the issue is assuring fair compensation for dealers, balance in the franchise relationship or the prevention of unwarranted interference in the sales process, NYSADA is in the forefront representing dealers’ interest. Being located directly across the street from the New York State Capitol facilitates NYSADA’s continual advocacy for its members within the halls of government


In order to have an impact on the legislative process and the passage of legislation which is important to the viability and indeed, survival of our business, we must be unified and dedicated in both areas.

Historically, our PAC contributions have gotten us recognition from and access to legislators and regulators in New York. Your significant response to our requests for letters, calls, emails and faxes to your Senator or Assembly member, or occasionally the Governor, have made us a huge factor in the Capital.

Now we are asking you to help us do more to protect and preserve our franchises and our investment. The NYPAC Gold Club enables us to host several separate legislative events during the year providing our NYSADA team the opportunity to get to know and interact with our legislators.

Please complete and return this NYSADA PAC Commitment Form. Your help with the PAC campaign is needed and appreciated.