Your Voice in Government

It seems that every year brings new challenges in state government for the New York State Automobile Dealers Association (“NYSADA”), and 2022 promises to be no exception. Fortunately, the strong relationships that NYSADA has forged with the leaders of our state’s government should stand our members in good stead.

Again, this year, NYSADA’s Board of Directors met with Governor Cuomo, and the Governor hosted NYSADA’s Board at a breakfast in the Executive Mansion in Albany. The cooperative working relationship that has developed between NYSADA and the Governor has led to the Governor’s understanding and appreciation of our industry and the many contributions that franchised dealers provide to our state and their communities.

In Albany, NYSADA must affirmatively advocate for legislation that addresses the needs of dealers. The Franchised Motor Vehicle Dealer Act is a testament to NYSADA’s ability to advocate on behalf of its members. NYSADA also must defend against legislation that would negatively affect its members. NYSADA must be constantly vigilant to the attacks on new car and truck dealers that rear themselves every legislative session. In 2022, as in past years, NYSADA will carefully review each introduced bill and voice opposition to any that would damage franchised dealers.

In addition to NYSADA’s ongoing lobbying efforts in the Senate and Assembly, NYSADA advocates for dealer interests with state agencies including the Departments of Motor Vehicles, Taxation, Transportation, Financial Services, Labor and Environmental Conservation and the Attorney General’s office. Whether the issue is assuring fair compensation for dealers, balance in the franchise relationship or the prevention of unwarranted interference in the sales process, NYSADA is in the forefront representing dealers’ interest. Being located directly across the street from the New York State Capitol facilitates NYSADA’s continual advocacy for its members within the halls of government.

2019 will be as challenging as any year NYSADA has faced. Tesla will likely continue its frontal assault to the dealer franchise system, contending that it should be permitted to sell its vehicles through factory-owned stores. We can expect Tesla to publicly question the value of dealers, to attempt to paint dealers as an entrenched interest that only adds to the price of motor vehicles. Legislators will need to hear the truth, that dealers mean competition, customer service and community support. NYSADA will be there to deliver that message. Built on the strong foundation of prior success, NYSADA stands ready to meet the challenge. NYSADA will continue to meet with State government leaders.

NYSADA’s Governmental Affairs Committee, comprised of your fellow dealers, will continue to oversee these efforts. The Committee is unwavering in its commitment to a positive interaction between franchised dealers and State government.

NYSADA also has a political action committee and a Gold Club. The PAC supports those elected officials that demonstrate an understanding of and support for the business needs of new car and truck dealers. The Gold Club takes the PACs efforts one step further by bringing dealers and leaders together for the mutual benefit of our industry. Vigilance, advocacy and political support are the keys to effective representation.