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NYSADA serves franchised auto retailers by providing assistance in the areas of representation, state and federal laws & regs, licensing & tax issues and more.

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Have questions related to the HERO Act? View our Hero Act resource page, and watch our HERO Act webinar to stay informed during its activation period.
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Upcoming Webinars


Weekly Legal Update and COVID Discussion 

Tuesday, October 19th

2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Presented By
Bond, Schoeneck & King


Dealership Sexual Harassment Prevention and Diversity Training 

Wednesday, October 20th

2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Presented By
LaBonte Law Group


Weekly Legal Update & COVID-19 Discussion 

Tuesday, October 26th

2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Presented By
Bond, Schoeneck & King


Credit Card Processing Compliance 

Wednesday, October 27th

10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Presented By
Merchant Advocate

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Cybersecurity: Keeping Your Dealership Safe





Learn about the looming cybersecurity threats and the impact those threats can have on your dealership. This presentation will provide guidance on how you and your staff can become pro-active defenders of cybersecurity attacks, and reduce your risk of falling victim to ransomware.

Presented by:
Citrin Cooperman









NYSADA Legislative Counsel, Caiti Anderson, discusses the latest on the HERO Act extension, CDC information on infection rates, vaccine coverage, guidance on the changes to the HERO act model plan and more.

Presented By:
Bond Schoeneck & King

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The Importance of Business Interruption Service





Representatives from NYSADA Accounting Partner, Withum, will discuss a number of business interruption tips, including a recommendation to review your insurance policy and understand its coverage.

Presented by

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Benefits of Franchised Dealers

Benefits of Franchised Dealers

  • For over 20 years, New York law has required that new car dealers be franchised dealers. 
  • The franchise system benefits consumers:
    • • Franchised dealers compete on price.
    • • Franchised dealers create a market for used cars by taking trade-ins.
    • • Franchised dealers maintain parts inventory and trained personnel for repairs, warranty services, and recalls.
    • • Franchised dealers represent customers during disputes with the manufacturers.
  • Franchised dealers are Main Street businesses that benefit the community:
    • • Franchised dealers employ, on average, 65 people per dealership.
    • • Franchised dealers provide good-paying jobs.
    • • Franchised dealers maintain their facilities and pay property taxes.
    • • Franchised dealers support local community organizations. 
  • Franchised dealers sell zero emission vehicles, and more models are available to sell each year.
    • • Volkswagen will be all electric by 2026; Volvo will be all electric by 2030; GM will be all electric by 2035.

Direct Sales Will Hurt New York

  • Billionaires versus Main Street:
    • • Any electric vehicle manufacturer can sell vehicles in New York, so long as they play by the rules that everyone else must follow.
    • • Direct sales push is an attempt by billionaires to obtain an unnecessary exemption to the law. 
    • • Factory-direct sales are not more efficient. Efficiency is not what automakers looking to bypass the franchise system are after. Their goal is to eliminate competition and divert profits away from Main Street businesses plus the communities they represent.
  • Climate change is not the central focus of electric vehicle manufacturers pushing for direct sales; rather, it’s profits.
    • • One of the biggest impediments to selling electric vehicles is that the charging station infrastructure is lacking.
    • • Tesla’s charging stations can only be used by Tesla vehicle unless a vehicle owner purchases an adaptor. In that case, the vehicle owner still cannot use a Tesla supercharger.
    • • All other electric vehicles utilize the same charging port.
    • • Throughout Europe, Tesla’s Model 3 is equipped with a universal charging port, not the proprietary Tesla port. 
    • • If Tesla’s concern was the environment, it would develop a port that could be universally used.