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Upcoming Webinars


Resubmitting for Retail Warranty Reimbursement: Parts and Labor

Wednesday, January 27th

10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Most dealers are familiar with their legal right to reimbursement at retail for both parts and labor. What is not necessarily known is that they can reapply on a regular basis to have their rates adjusted.

This webinar will be conducted by two representatives from NYSADA Legal Counsel Bellavia Blatt P.C. – one, an expert in warranty reimbursement procedures and the other, an attorney specializing in dealer law. They will reacquaint participants with the application process and provide an overview to those who have not yet taken advantage of their statutory rights.

Important topics covered will include:

  • a brief history of warranty reimbursement procedures,
  • an overview of the submission and resubmission processes,
  • submission frequency,
  • dealer eligibility,
  • how to maximize your reimbursement,
  • and some ways to respond to manufacturer push-back.

The presentation will conclude with a Q&A session.


Ken Lohr, Director, Retail Warranty Reimbursement, Bellavia Blatt, PC 
Chris Corwin, Associate, Bellavia Blatt, PC, Warranty Parts & Labor Reimbursement



NYS Legislative/Regulatory Landscape for 2021 and How It Will Impact Franchised Dealerships

Wednesday, February 3rd

10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.


Hermes Fernandez, Bond, Schoeneck and King Legislative Counsel
Caiti Anderson, Bond, Schoeneck and King Legislative Counsel


Recent Webinars


How COVID-19 Permanently Changed F&I






One extremely positive outcome of the COVID-19 crisis is that it has enabled Dealers to provide more information to Customers earlier and more often in the F&I Sales process which has historically been one of our toughest hurdles. With a new and clearly defined process and effective tools, profit per Deal has increased nationally. Given historical data from Industry related firms, NYSADA Partner Zurich identifies why a Virtual Delivery process is important in today’s new business environment. Updated from their experiences since their last presentation in July, Zurich walks you through a Virtual Delivery process that is both efficient and effective.

Presented By:

Galal Hamdy, Zurich Direct Markets National Accounts Specialist
David Dischiavo, Zurich Regional Finance Executive
Steve Mort, Zurich Regional Finance Executive
Lacey Bryant, Zurich Regional Income Development Executive

Resources: Slides


A Review of New York COVID-19 Dealership Operations Safety, Health, and Compliance Strategies is available






From customer and employee infection to the threat of regulatory penalties and lawsuits, New York Dealerships face many risks associated with COVID-19. Cases are increasing across the country and dealers need to put strategies in place to protect employees, customers, and ultimately your reputation.

Join Craig Downey from KPA as he explores coronavirus updates and prevention strategies including winter safety guidelines and how you can protect your dealership and your people.

Topics discussed:
• COVID-19 areas of risk
• Winter safety guidelines 
• Strategies to address these COVID-19 risks
• How you can manage a COVID-19 response plan

Presented By:
Craig Downey, Regional Sales Manager KPA

Resources:  Slides     Operations Checklist     Handouts


NYSADA serves franchised auto retailers by providing assistance in the areas of representation, state and federal laws & regs, licensing & tax issues and more.

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The GIT provides a variety of insurance programs including dental, pediatric dental, vision, life, disability and Paid Family Leave.

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Through a dealer lead vetting process, NYSADA fosters mutual benefitting relationships that provide cost saving services to our members.

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3 Day Turnaround — Nobody Does it Faster! Application Paper Can Be Faxed or Emailed In — For Immediate processing

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The Safety Group 430 Workers' Compensation program has provided a safe haven for its dealer members since 1949.

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