New York State Coronavirus health hotline: 1-888-364-3065  Call with questions or concerns about travel and symptoms
Note: The NY State Coronavirus health hotline can be used for any questions about COVID-19, including what to do if you or a staff member becomes ill and you need to find local clinical resources

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources


Useful Gov't Links

Coronavirus information from the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH):

Paid Family Leave information from New York State:

Paid Family Leave info from NYSIF:

Coronavirus information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

NYS Department of Financial Services letter to insurers concerning business interuption due to the Coronavirus and property liability coverage:
NYS DFS Letter to insurers

Interim Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfection of Public and Private Facilities for COVID-19 New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH):

Interim Guidance for Procedures When Identifying an Employee with Concerns for COVID-19 Exposures New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH):

Posters and Handouts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Stop the Spread of Germs

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Below is a collection of items and resources associated with COVID-19 and how it affects NYS Franchised New Car Dealerships. These resources are constantly being updated. If you have a specific question please do not hesitate to call NYSADA 1-518-463-1148. We ask that you and your employees stay safe during the COVID-19 crisis.

Forms/Posters/Signs & Downloadables

FFCRA Poster - covered employers must post this notice of the FFCRA requirements
Dealership Open Signage Templates - Open Sign 8.5x11 Doc (word), Open Sign More Details 8.5x11 Doc (word), Open Sandwich Sign 18x24 Doc (word)

Essential Business Sales Exemption

The Empire State Development Corporation, acting on behalf of Governor Andrew Cuomo issued guidance acknowledging the need for “Essential” Businesses to purchase goods and services from non-essential businesses.  Under this guidance, dealers may sell vehicles to essential businesses.  These sales can be made through dealers at the dealership by appointment only, and only necessary employees may be present to complete the sale to the essential business.  Sales personnel should only be present in the dealership during a sales transaction.  This action is temporary, and its effect will expire when the Coronavirus emergency is over.

The definition of “essential” businesses ranges from health care practices to key manufacturing businesses, to government services like police and fire departments. This would not include employees of essential businesses. You may find the comprehensive list of which businesses are “essential” by clicking here.

In the meantime, dealers are restricted from selling vehicles except to “essential” businesses.


Prompt Tax must be Paid on Time (March 24, 2020) or the Dealership will receieve Penalties and Fines.

NYSADA has received many phone calls by dealers asking about paying prompt tax on time. NYSADA has confirmed with a high ranking member of the Tax Department that Prompt Tax must be paid on time tomorrow or dealerships will receive penalties and fines. Please find an email here that the Tax Department sent out. Please click on N 20-1 in the email. In that document, under exceptions, it states prompt tax is not eligible for tax relief.

Employee Relief

Download Printable Chart


Families First Coronavirus Response Act Passed into Law

The Senate has passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which includes several provisions to protect American workers and assist employers in providing emergency paid sick leave, as well as paid family leave in the case of school closures, for working families impacted by COVID-19.

The FFCRA requires employers with up to 500 employees to provide paid sick leave and paid family leave while providing a refundable payroll tax credit to employers to cover 100% of the cost of wages. There is also a refundable income tax credit made available for self-employed individuals. Employers with less than 50 employees must apply for a hardship exemption in order to qualify.

Read more about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act here.


COVID-19: Business Interruption Losses

As businesses around the world are seeing revenue reductions associated with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, they are turning to their insurance policies to determine if business interruption claims can be filed to recover losses resulting from the public health crisis. NYSADA hotline partner Withum has a created a page useful for Dealers.



COVID-19: NY Labor & Employment Law Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has already caused severe disruption to many businesses across the country.  Employers will be required to continue to monitor developments and adjust to changing circumstances in the coming weeks and possibly months.  NYSADA Attorney Partner Bond Schoeneck & King  provides the following recommendations for employers in dealing with the many employment-related issues that will inevitably arise. Click on the button below to access their resources.



Webinar: Understanding the New SBA Loan Program by HHM Public Accountants

Webinar: Coronavirus Small Business Guide and Checklist by the US Chamber of Commerce

SBA Disaster Loan 

The U.S. Small Business Administration has put together a COVID-19 Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources web page to help small businesses, included dealerships, navigate the unprecedented challenges they face due to their physical sales operations being shut down in an effort to slow the further spread of the Coronavirus.


  • Applications can be made online at:
  • Paper applications can also be made, but the SBA prefers the online app, and process should be quicker
  • Customer service number is 800-659-2955.
  • The loan is for working capital – and is to cover cashflow depletion (not full revenue lost) – for covering fixed expenses
  • No cost to apply, no cost to take the loan.
  • Not obligated to take the loan if approved.


  • Must have a significant physical presence in NYS
  • Must show ability to repay the loan (so a business that has been struggling for years, wouldn’t qualify)
  • Credit History “acceptable to SBA” 
  • Must be eligible as small business

The Loan

  • The rate is 3.75% - for profit businesses, and 2.75% for not-for-profit businesses
  • Maturity is up to 30 years
  • Loans < $25M – no collateral
  • Loans > $25M – available collateral will be taken, regardless of existing prior liens.  Commercial real estate and residential real estate is in play.
  • Decisions made in 8-21 days.
  • Funds to be received in 5 days after “signing” for loan.  It was unclear at his point what the acceptance/signing process looks like – so there may be additional time in between decision and funding.

Items Needed with Application (not meant to be all inclusive)

  • Copies of 3 most recent tax returns 
  • Interim Financials
  • Schedule of liabilities
  • SBA Application form 5/5c (assume prompt from site)
  • SBA Personal Financial Statement (assume prompt from site)
  • 4506t (assume prompt from site)

Other Notes

  • As with all SBA apps, incomplete info is the biggest reason for delay (so make sure all boxes/lines are filled in)
  • If denied, business will have up to 6 months to complete app and provide info
  • If disaster loan is taken, and more funds are needed, business may apply for an increase
  • Can apply if business already has a disaster loan on books
  • Disaster loan does NOT count toward maximum guarantee amounts
  • Personal guarantees were not covered – but I would assume all owners > 20% will need to guarantee.

Disclaimer - This situation is extremely fluid and may change at any time.

NYC Small Business Services Offers Grants, Loans & Relief

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the City will provide relief/grants and loans for small businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Click here to see if you can apply for one of these grants/loans etc.


Dealer Alerts (COVID-19)