Safety Group 430 $500 PPE Credit and Pay Go Webinar Registration

The New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) is holding an informational webinar for Safety Group 430 members to explain their Personal Protective Equipment Credit and NYSIF PAYGO premium payment service.

NYSIF PAYGO offers a streamlined approach to premium payments and audits. Premium payments are based on actual payrolls each time payroll is processed.

Benefits to Policyholders include:

Premium is based upon your actual payroll in a pay period,

Accounts for seasonal fluctuations in staffing,

Directly results in more accurate premium payments, leading to smaller audit adjustments and a simpler audit process,

Less work for the policyholder!

NYSIF is currently offering a Personal Protective Credit to offset some of the costs of keeping your employees safe. Information will include what expenditures are eligible for the credit and how you can apply for the credit right away!

SG430 Staff

Jeff Scardino
Insurance Director
Ext. 321

Tierro Davis
SG430 Manager
Ext. 296

Wendy Hines
SG430 Manager
Ext. 301

Jessica Massie
Ext. 303

Erik Michelsen
Ext. 310

Kim Maitino
Ext. 302